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The latest round of posters in the ongoing "Art Is . . ." subway campaign, for New York's School of Visual Arts, is virtually Harry Potteresque. Created by Thomas Woodruff, chairman of the SVA illustration and cartooning department, the dreamlike images are meant to resemble pages from a classic children's storybook. In addition to a little boy coming upon a giant multicolored lollipop, or a tree covered in magically glowing bulbs, a third features two boys plucking flowers from a polka dot floor. The titles of the posters ("Suddenly," "Meanwhile," "And Then," ) are commonly used to propel the action in comic books and fairy tales, but also relate to the process of creating art, says Woodruff. He hopes his posters will lure subway riders "into a place you can look and go into, instead of something coming at you."

Client: School of Visual Arts CD: Silas H. Rhodes Artist: Thomas Woodruff

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