Pierced (Tu)lips

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A new U.K.-market Heineken campaign, announcing the arrival of "premium 5 percent" brew to the British Isles, is based on the comic conceit that it's been tested elsewhere - with rather bizarre results. Spots based in the U.S. (starring Lawrence Hilton Jacobs) and Switzerland are moderately amusing, though they seem mainly intended to mention the name of the product as many times as possible. But the "Dutch tolerance test," in which everyone in Holland is portrayed as a pierced, tattooed, punked-out freak, is so funny, driven by typically brilliant Traktor casting, costuming and accents, we laughed our nose ring off.

Client: Heineken Agency: Clemmow Hornby Inge, London CD: Micky Tudor CW: Brian Turner AD: Tom Hartman Director: Traktor/Partizan Editor: Andrea MacArthur/PeepShow

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