Pistil Whipped

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Here's a German retail eyewear :60, innocuously titled "Daffodil," that may mark a breakthrough in the rarefied Vegetable Kingdom Vomiting category. A flower time-lapses its way out of the ground to full yellow spring splendor, only to turn around and get a load of a girl in grody glasses sitting on a park bench. The grossed-out flower proceeds to barf its roots out. A Brit VO chimes in: "Ugly glasses! The spring collection with over 400 frames is here!" Between this and making the World Cup final, it's quite a year for Deutschland.

Client: Apollo Optik Agency: Jung von Matt an der Isar, Munich CD: Oliver Voss AD/CW: Oliver Oelkers, Tobias Holland Director: Peter Darrell/Treat Editor: Joachen Pietras/Sam Sneade's Effects: Asa Shoul/Framestore-CFC

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