My little pony

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We were hardly expecting a subtle, comic masterpiece about conservation, featuring a miniature neigh-neigh, from the N.Y. State Energy Research and Development Authority, a consortium of power utilities - but that's what DDB/Seattle has managed to pull off in a spot called "New Pet." We're introduced, via deadpan docu-style voiceover, to a Manhattan apartment dweller who just bought a Shetland pony named Wildfire with the money he saved by lowering his energy bills. He tries to treat it like a dog, saying "Sit!," waving a squeezeball and feeding it out of bowls on the floor. We kept waiting for Wildfire to drop a junior version of one of those whopping equine dumps on the living room rug, but we can see where that might be a bit much even for this apparently ultrahip client.

Client: Nyserda Agency: DDB/Seattle ECD: Fred Hammerquist AD/CWs: Larry Olson, Jason Stanfield Agency Producers: Heidi Molden, Sue Mowrer Director: Phil Morrison/Epoch Films Editor: Michael Heldman/Spot Welders

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