Pop Your Top

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The final spot in the short-lived Carmichael Lynch/Ikea partnership is also the best: a striking hybrid of animation and live action that features a young woman changing her romantic partners as if she's changing her curtains. A man and woman with real heads and shrunken, animated bodies are having dinner. The man is a drone in a suit, an anxious, toe-tapping bobble-head. The woman, obviously bored, casually screws off his head and puts it in a closet, where a bevy of replacements are waiting. She picks a lazy-eyed, dread-headed man and fixes him onto her date's body. The music changes and they both sigh with satisfaction. The kicker: "Find your style." The ad was shot on a miniature set, with dolls standing in as the characters' bodies. The live action was shot on greenscreen, and the heads were composited onto the bodies courtesy, ironically enough, of Toronto's Head Gear Animation.

Client: Ikea Agency: Carmichael Lynch CD: Jud Smith ADs: Libby Brockhoff, Randy Tatum CWs: Tom Camp, Steve Casey Agency Producer: Sean Healey Director: Steve Angel Production/Editorial Co: Head Gear Animation Music: Thad Spencer, Christopher Beaty, Alan Wolovitch/Asche & Spencer Sound Designer: Dean Menta

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