Raisin' Helsinki

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How do they sell insurance in Finland? Not like John Hancock does it. For a company called Pohjola Insurance, two new spots could pass for European beer commercials, though they were shot by Tool's Tom Routson - they don't need even need to change the slogan. In one, a bunch of old biddies attends cheerleading practice, run by a young hunk whose butt they're all gaga over. In the other, which appears to be an homage to Ozzy Osbourne, a fat slob of a rock star carries on like a fat slob of a rock star. In the funniest scene, he throws a TV out a first-floor window and throws his back out in the process. Slogan: "You've got a mission: To live. We've got a mission: To make sure." Well, if you need to insure your pohjola, you know where to go.

Client: Pohjola Insurance Agency: TBWA/PHS/Helsinki ECD: Jyrki Reinikka CD/CW: Markku Ronkko Director: Tom Routson/Tool of North America Editor: Bob Spector/Bob & Sheila's Edit World Music: Uriah Heep, "Easy Livin'"

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