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Here's something refreshing: An SUV campaign that mocks the Dewy-eyed extreme-sports mentality, and by extension the overblown off-road fantasy world that this genre has been peddling for years. In three spots from Rubin Postaer & Associates, Honda CR-V drivers are portrayed as infinitely wiser than all those X-Gamers whose idea of fun involves a near-death experience. One spot opens with an expert kayaker slicing though white-water to the beat of pumped-up music. The camera pulls back to reveal that he's in way over his head, finally plunging down a waterfall. A couple watches his crash from the side of a cliff. "That wasn't very bright, now was it?" the man says, shaking his head and climbing back into his CR-V. The tagline: "Made for your adventures . . . in reality." Another execution has a group of young people watching a dirt-boarder tumble violently down a mountain. "What was he thinking?" one wonders. The third spot takes a very dubious look at polar bear clubbing.

Client: Honda CR-V Agency: Rubin Postaer & Associates ECD: Larry Postaer CDs: Joe Baratelli/David Smith ACD/CW/AD: Todd Carey/Curt Johnson Agency Producer: Helen Park Director: Erich Joiner Production Co: Tool of North America/Cherokee Films Editor: Marc Goodman, Terminal Music: Bob Ezrin Sound Design: Stimmung

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