Retail Bonding

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The simple fact that you can keep everything at Hollywood Video for five days results in a hilarious action-packed adventure from Cliff Freeman & Partners. The :30 opens with a customer asking how long she can rent a new release. The chubby clerk springs into a crouch and spreads his fleshy fingers. "Five Days!" he belts, as a swirling camera iris closes on his Goldfinger-sized frame. A brilliant James Bond parody title sequence ensues, replete with guns, babes and a "You've always got . . . five days" theme song. Pierce Brosnan's next movie should only be this good.

Client: Hollywood Video Agency: Cliff Freeman & Partners CCO: Cliff Freeman ECD: Arthur Bijur AD: Reid Collins CW: Steve Zumwinkle Agency Producer: Brigitte Whisnant Director: Tony Kaye Production Co: Tony Kaye Editor: Oliver Wicki, Blue Rock Editing Visual Effects/CG: Spontaneous Combustion Music: Baron & Baron Sound Designer: Joe O'Connell, Blast

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