Rethink Different

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A Rashomon-like relaunch campaign for a Canadian candy bar, from TBWA/Chiat/Day/New York, is either clutterbustingly brilliant or bizarrely idiotic - depending on your point of view. Rather than scripting several distinct spots, the Australian team of Simon McQuoid and Richard Overall created 12 almost identical :30s. Each takes place in a sitcom-style record store and opens with a shot of a needle drop. A guy walks in and drops his coffee cup in the garbage. "Morning, Kev," he says. "Afternoon Nev," answers the shopkeeper. A girl is flipping through records. "Wicked!" she squeals, apparently finding the LP she wants. Meanwhile, the two men share a Crispy Crunch, discussing its merits: "Crispy" says Kev. "Crunchy," says Nev. Although the dialogue and actions are more or less the same in each spot, they play like insane variations on a theme. These include: Italian dubbing; all three characters as marionettes; dialogue played backwards, with subtitles; Nev unaccountably exploding in a puff of smoke, leaving only his shoes; Nev as a bagpiping Scot; and the spot presented from the girl's perspective. Only five were actually shot; the other seven were assembled in post. The strategy was simple even if the production wasn't, says McQuoid. "Each time you eat a Crispy Crunch, it's slightly different," he says, echoing the "It's a little different every time" tagline. "So we made ads that were slightly different each time."

Client: Crispy Crunch Agency: TBWA/Chiat/Day/N.Y. CD/AD/CWs: Simon

McQuoid, Richard Overall Agency Producer: Ozzie Spenningsby Director: Stacy Wall

Production Co: Hungry Man Editor: Dick Gordon, Mad River Post

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