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Yes, there is still some dot-com comedy, and in the case of a new TV campaign that highlights the various offerings of a New York City web guide, it's so cheap it looks like radio with line art. But it's wiseass funny, as you'd expect from DeVito/Verdi, and the spare graphics actually work as clutter busters. Four spots themed, "It's a big city. You could use some help," feature barely animated line-drawn figures taking advantage of all the city has to offer. In one spot, for the site's restaurant guide, a couple is locked in a passionate embrace. Turns out their excitement stems from the flavors they're discovering. "Oh, Fred!" says the woman in a husky VO. "You taste like . . . " "Oh, Mary, say it!" he demands. "Chicken tarragon in a light cream sauce!" Another spot, highlighting the site's fashion listings, features a meeting between a buttoned-down boss and a stripped-down employee, who's urged to wear pants and a shirt like the rest of the staff. Another spot, for beauty and fitness, shows two muscle guys pumping iron and gaily complimenting each other in thick New Yawk accents. The fourth spot finds two naive fellas out for a night on the town, looking to dance up a storm at a lesbian bar.

Client: Agency: DeVito/Verdi CD: Sal DeVito ADs: Anthony DeCarolis/Chris Turner/Barbara Eibel CWs: Erik Fahrenkopf/Scott Kaplan/Mark Teringo Agency Producer: Barbara Michelson Director: Pat Smith Animation Director: Steve Katz Production Co: Pitch

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