Retro 'Toids

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Admittedly, the '50s safety film-parody routine has been done countless times, as have exploding guinea pigs, but the new Sours TV campaign of three :60s, with even longer cuts on the website, is surely among the best ever in this genre. The attention to detail; Beth Holmes' meticulous casting; the lovingly recreated period music (see story on p. 50); and the narratives, which often manage to be simultaneously chaste and filthy, truly rock with mockery, yet they're strangely tender at the same time.

Client: Altoids Agency: Leo Burnett/Chicago ECDs: Steffan Postaer, Mark Faulkner CDs: Noel Haan, G. Andrew Meyer AD: Noel Haan CW: G. Andrew Meyer Agency Producer: Vincent Geraghty Director: Rob Pritts/Backyard Productions Editor: Bob Mori Music: Admusic

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