Road Rage, Euro Style

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A new spot for Spanish carmaker Seat, airing in France, Germany, Spain and the U.K., is called "Rumble," but it's meant strictly in the fighting sense of the term. We see a succession of men and women, all of whom have had their faces punched at least a few times. They explain to the camera that they had to defend the honor of their rides. For example, "He had a problem with the roar of my exhaust. What was I supposed to do?" This culminates with a guy, sitting at his kitchen table, who explains he had a dispute over his alloy wheels. He then pulls a surprise by complacently pulling off his prosthetic arm. So much for driving a stick, huh, buddy?

Client: Seat Agency: Bates Europe Creatives: Arndt Dallman, Roland Vanoni Agency Producer: Gemma Barea Director: Carl Erik Rinsch/Group Films/RSA Editor: Alberto Tognazzi Effects: Smoke & Mirrors

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