Three's a Crowd

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Here, we have Ingmar, the irascible Swede telling us we're crazy; in France they have no dialogue at all, just bongo drums and a menage a trois, and they import Hank Perlman to shoot it. A blonde couple and a black chick are in a car and the blonde makes it clear to her boyfriend that she wants to get it on with the other chick, too. Some delicate three-way foreplay ensues on the way to their apartment - they all go in, then the guy throws the blonde out. Tag: "Too much furniture?" What kind of self-respecting Frenchman would turn down a triple trip for lack of space? Wouldn't he have thrown out his dresser? At any rate, it's a spot even a Frenchman would notice.

Client: Ikea (France) Agency: Leagas Delaney/Paris CD: Pascal Gregoire CW: Julian Rotterman AD: Sebastian Pierre Agency Producer: Marie Massis Director: Hank Perlman/Hungry Man, London Editor: Alaster Jordan/The Firm Music/Sound: Chez Jean

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