Santo's Claws

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Spencer Chinoy, co-creator of the late Greg the Bunny, no doubt briefly consoled himself with this loony five-spot mock-doc of a mini-sitcom for Thomason Autogroup and Portland agency Nerve. The story is centered around Santo (played by Kevin McDonald of The Kids in the Hall), a flighty commercials artiste who made his name with the 5000 Flushes and Mr. Whiskers campaigns, then had a tragic nervous breakdown. He's now making a comeback as we see him gearing up for what's billed as "the greatest autodealer commercial of all time." Unfortunately, Santo is rendered quite hysterical on the set by an enraged llama, and he eventually quits in a foul-mouthed huff, speeding away in a golf cart, hitting a guy on crutches during his frantic exit.

Client: Thomason Autogroup Agency: Nerve CDs: Ian Cohen, Dena Blevins, Matt Peterson, Austin Howe Agency Producers: Kevin Diller, Alysia Alder Director: Spencer Chinoy/The Industry Editors: Peter Wiedensmith, Corky DeVault/Joint

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