Save the Whale

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In this hilarious spot for Juicy Fruit gum, BBDO/Chicago takes Wrigley's "Gotta Have Sweet" campaign to the set of a corny kiddie show called Happyville Junction. A grinning hostess and a giant whale sing a syrupy tune about sharing and caring ("I'll give you some when you have none!") - a message that goes straight out the window when the whale plucks the gum out of his partner's pocket and waddles offstage. The furious woman runs and tackles him, causing water to squirt out his blowhole - an inspired touch. She then proceeds to beat him with his own flipper.

Client: Wrigley Agency: BBDO/Chicago CCO: Phil Gant GCDs: Gail Pollack, Jim Hyman ACD: Dolph Kawalec, Dave Kwasnick AD: Dolph Kawalec CW: Dave Kwasnick Agency Producer: Will Meyers Director: Tom Routson/Tool of North America Editor: Randy Palmer/Optimus Music/Sound Design: Steve Shafer/Spank

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