Scent of a Wood Man

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Good news for the already bleached, tattooed, pierced and moussed Maxim Man. He now has a new weapon in his chick-magnet arsenal: Axe body spray, a Brit import. It's like an underarm deodorant, except you also spray it across your chest. And it drives the girls wild. Uh-huh. That must be why it's called Axe; you'll need one to keep the babes at bay. Anyone remember Hai Karate? Back then, this idea was cute. Now it's saved only by a series of raunchy demos in which a girl uses the product on a mannequin, which she's instantly hot for. In various spots, she gets ghetto-bitchy with a potential rival, plays with the stiff's nipple and practically mounts him.

Client: Axe body spray Agency: BBH/N.Y. ECD: Kevin McKeon CW: Matt Ian AD: Gerald Lewis Agency Producer: Letitia Jacobs Director: Lemoine.Miller/ Editor: Dick Gordon/Mad River Post

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