Scoopy Doo

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And the two-bit guerrilla campaign of the month goes to . . . Transwestern Commercial Services.Explains writer Scott Shalles at Dallas agency Signal, "The client was having 'land mine' problems. Their building is located next to an apartment complex, and it seems most of the renters with pets were using their lawn as a dumping area. After we placed these signs in strategic areas, our client reported a 50 percent decrease in long-term feces storage." Another execution reads, "I think I Quiero'ed too much Taco Bell." For this photo, "the dog poop was meticulously stylized by the art director," admits Shalles. "Actually, the photographer opted for fake poop for the shot, because it had good texture and seemed more lifelike."

Client: Transwestern Agency: Signal CD: Vincent LoPresti AD: Andy Gass CWs: Scott Shalles, Kyle Friedel

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