Scrambled Egg

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When you have the cachet of a Bryan Buckley, you get the really sweet, sick stuff. Like this diabolically funny Brit campaign for Egg Banking, from the lunatics at Mother, which parodies American infomercials. What do U.K. viewers know about American infomercials? Who knows? Don't they only get four channels over there? At any rate, we have insane products from "Brilliant Industries," designed for the deeply indebted: La-la-la I'm Not Listening Musical Fingers; the Identity Reinvention Kit; trained goats that communicate with you via brainwaves; and the Compact Magnetic Penny Detector, which, of course, is a pair of boots about the size of water cooler bottles. Each spot has an extended section of fine print with a female VO babbling about Egg services, but that only makes them more peculiar. No pun intended, but any comedy director would sell his mother for a gig like this.

Client: Egg Agency: Mother, London CDs: Yan Elliott, Luke Williamson CWs: Jo Desouza, Yan Elliott ADs: Sam Walker, Luke Williamson Agency Producer: Zoe Bell Director: Bryan Buckley/Hungry Man Editor: Andrea MacArthur/Peepshow, London

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