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Research shows that teens take pictures to capture feelings, not memories. So Saatchi & Saatchi/New York's new teencentric print campaign for Kodak's kicky little TX-USE camera keeps it point-and-shoot simple but arresting. Several everyday teen scenes are shown with one or two subjects framed in pseudo viewfinders, headlined with contrasting sensations. A boy diving into a pool is "Capture joy"; another boy bellyflopping into a pool is "Capture pain." A skateboarder showing off by grabbing his board at the top of a pipe is "Capture awe"; the skater himself, however, is "Capture doubt." More subjective emotions, like crushes and heartbreaks, were excluded, says AD Carlos Figuerido. "We wanted to capture simple moments that everyone can understand."

Client: Kodak Agency: Saatchi & Saatchi/N.Y. ECD: Tod Seisser CDs: Mariano Favetto/Mark Cacciatore AD: Carlos Figueiredo CW: Larissa Kirschner Producer: Karen Rossiter Photographer: Shawn Michienzi

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