Semi-Private Screening

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Two spots from DDB/L.A. for the upcoming L.A. Film Festival place moviegoers smack in the center of the action. One spot opens on a sexed-up couple stumbling into an apartment. The camera pulls back to reveal a popcorn-eating patron sitting in the room. He watches the "woman" enter the bathroom, hike up her skirt and pee standing up, while her unknowing date is in the kitchen pouring a drink. The observer winces at the ensuing surprise sex scene. The second spot features a gangster burial scene in which the corpse turns out to be alive, requiring repeated shovel blows before interment. The concession-heavy moviegoer has a seat in the desert, for a great view of the whack action. The tagline: "Everybody likes to watch."

Client: Los Angeles Film Festival Agency: DDB/L.A. ECD: Mark Monteiro ACDs: Ed Cole, Kevin McCarthy AD: Feh Tarty CWs: Steve Peckingham, Danielle Vieth Agency Producer: Connie Myck Director: Don Rase/Backyard Productions Editor: Michael Bartoli/FilmCore Music: Andrew Gross/A Gross Music Co.

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