No Sense = Dollars

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Is this a neo-Dada breakthrough? For a chic North Carolina retail fashion chain called Uniquities, there's a poster and newspaper campaign that is almost product-free and is equally devoid of any and all logic. (When the photographer is also the writer, you know something's up.) Headlines like "Noise and bleed like a double flip twist," and "Black sugar blue gum crusher," accompany seemingly random stock photo details, like a wall-mounted TV set or a factory seen through barb wire. Tiny print explains, and we use the word loosely, "Nothing makes sense. Buy something faded," - with, for example, a snippet of jeans in a lower corner. Robert Shaw West, CEO of a Chapel Hill, N.C.-based boutique called The Republik, says the object is "to create a campaign that is as unpredictable as the fashions the chain carries; one that doesn't depend on featuring the fashions themselves - because they change so fast. The idea is, 'Life makes no sense, so why not spend some money on fashion?' "

Client: Uniquities Agency: The Republik CD: Robert Shaw West AD: Scott Pridgen CW/Photographer: Brian Murray

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