Sensible Shoes

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The new DSW shoes campaign, from Cliff Freeman & Partners, is funny, but in a most unClifflike fashion. It's a lovingly detailed, low-angled nature-doc parody in which women are the predators and the shoes their prey, and the young are introduced to the ways of the hunt, among other nature tropes - but there's never an over-the-top payoff. The work is most notable for its careful comic restraint. "The typical Cliff humor isn't really appropriate for selling shoes to women," notes AD Dawn McCarthy, who recently moved to Freeman with her writer partner Laura Fegley, from Merkley Newman Harty, where they made some great Mercedes spots (see Creativity Buzz, Nov. 2002). "Oozing bunions and exploding blisters aren't going to bring women in to buy designer shoes. So everyone in these spots keeps all their limbs."

Client: DSW Agency: Cliff Freeman & Partners CCO: Cliff Freeman ECD: Arthur Bijur CW: Laura Fegley AD: Dawn McCarthy Agency Producer: Clair Grupp Director: Lisa Rubisch/Bob Industries Editor: Dick Gordon/Mad River Post

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