Shower Power

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A brash, new branding campaign for Kohler bathroom fixures, from GSD&M, features a rock band, a half-naked couple and a blind man at a house party. What happened to the old upscale faucet photography? "We took Kohler's 'Bold New Look' slogan literally," CD Jeremy Postaer explains. In one spot, police bang on a hotel room door. Inside, a manic rock group tears the place apart, until they kick down the bathroom door and a gleaming tub stops them in their tracks. Another opens on a party. A blind man sits on a sofa with his girlfriend, then he excuses himself and goes into the bathroom. Slowly he turns on the faucet and runs his fingers along the sink. He returns to his date: "You should see the bathroom," he says. In the third spot, a walking man sees a woman drive by. He takes off down the street, tearing off his clothes. She likewise guns the engine and frantically strips in the car. He gets home first, safety-chains the front door behind him and rushes into the shower. She's stuck outside in her underwear, vainly trying to squeeze in. "Obviously, if a couple has an awesome shower, eventually they'll fight over it," Postaer says. The print is also striking, thanks to the sharp shooting of David LaChapelle, who named the series "As I see it."

Client: Kohler Agency: GSD&M GCDs: David Crawford, Jeremy Postaer AD: Lynn Sarnow CW: Russell Lambrecht Agency Producer: Khrisana Edwards Director: Dominc Murphy Production Co: Partizan Editor: Angelo Valencia/501 Post Sound Design: Noises Digital Print GCDs: David Crawford, Jeremy Postaer ADs: Lynn Sarnow, Kristen Hanson CWs: Russell Lambrecht, Gerard Seifert Photographer: David LaChapelle

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