Shrink to be Fit

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What might be described as a downsized version of Michelangelo's "David" has been enlisted in the war against steroid use by an organization called Coaches Against Steroids. In a poster and a TV PSA, the line, "Ironically, a lot of guys who use steroids are nicknamed Tiny," is intended to hit budding male athletes where they live. In the TV spot, it's delivered by a female VO, of course. According to a confident Brian Walsh, founder of Coaches Against Steroids, "Teenagers and young adult males take steroids because they want to be macho guys. This approach will stop them in their tracks." Walsh went to New York-based freelance CD Steve Montgomery to promote his cause, and Montgomery recruited photographer and filmmaker Phil Marco and writer Jim Copacino, who's also principal of an eponymous Seattle shop. "We came up with the 'David' idea because we could address a touchy subject in a discreet and elegant way," says Montgomery. Marco commissioned a 6-foot plastic resin replica of an under-endowed "David" and shot it with muted colors and moody lighting, nicely highlighting the poor guy's pint-size package. "I wanted to respect the beauty and integrity of the art, but also accommodate the humor,"he says.

Client: Coaches Against Steroids Agency: Copacino CD/AD/Agency Producer: Steve Montgomery CD/CW: Jim Copacino CD/Director/Photographer: Phil Marco/Phil Marco Films Editor: Jerry Fried, Red Car Editorial

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