Silk, Cut-rate

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A wedge of cheese, a slab of bacon and a chocolate donut with sprinkles take a container of Silk soymilk for a wild ride in the desert, where they intend to leave it to die, because it's too damn healthy and organic, it's making them look bad. Interestingly, the cheese drives. Behold the power of cheese, indeed. At any rate, we gotta love this. Anthropomorphized food rules, especially when it's not particularly anthropomorphized - each of the jealous edibles just sits there like a lox, with all the emotion in the cartoony voiceovers. Which is to say, there's something really cheap about the whole project, and this only makes it better. Another spot features the cheese and the bacon trying to hire a hitman in the fridge, the hitman being something mysterious wrapped in foil. But before it can do anything it's thrown out by a human because it smells bad.

Client: Silk Soymilk Agency: Arnold Worldwide CCO: Ron Lawner GCDs: Ron Lawner, Alan Marcus CD/CW: Kara Goodrich CD/AD: Wade Devers Director: Paul Middleditch/HSI Editor: Emily Dennis/Mad River Post Music: Elias Associates

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