Ski Bum

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There's something so funny about neglecting severely injured or unconscious people just to get laid, isn't there? In this Motorola spot, a skier holds a ringing cell phone. He answers warily. "Hey, Phil, it's Monique," says the voice on the other end. We see a stereotypical hottie, warming herself at the lodge. "Me, Bunny, Cindy, and Jasmine were thinking about hitting the hot tub," she purrs. Looking bewildered, "Phil" agrees to meet them. The payoff: The camera pulls back as he puts the cell phone back in the pocket of a motionless skier lying on his back in the snow, and jumps on his Ski Patrol snowmobile.

Client: Motorola Agency: Ogilvy & Mather CD: Dan Burrier AD: Joe Lewis CW: Matt Ian Director: Frank Todaro Production Company: Editor: J. J. Lask, Go Robot

Eye Con

For Eyes, a discount designer eyewear chain, pits itself against a prototypical boutique in its new television campaign. The success of the spots relies heavily on the acting skill of the boutique salesman, a perfect combination of supercilious condescension and inanity. When one potential customer remarks that she's seen a pair of glasses for cheaper at For Eyes, the salesman warns her that they're not the same thing. "These glasses speak," he begins, and when she doesn't respond to that he completes his sentence: "French." As she examines the glasses, he begins to mutter French nonsense syllables under his breath. In another, he uses a game show-like announcer to pitch the extras that come with the boutique's glasses - mainly packaging and a plastic case. "Look," the announcer booms. "It snaps shut." He holds up tissue paper. "So fluffy," he cries.

Client: For Eyes Agency: DeVito Verdi CD: Sal Devito Creative Team: Chris Turner, Scott Kaplan, Joel Tractenberg, Brad Emmett Agency Producer: Barbara Michelson Director: Scott Burns Production Company: Tool of North America Editor: Glen Conte, Red Car

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