Slippery When Wet

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We never expected to see an amateur-porn parody in a retail spot for New Jersey's Floor Superstore, but then again production nuthouse Hungry Man is nominally the agency on the gig. With a shoestring budget and an "anything goes" client, Goodby, Silverstein writers Tom Miller and Steven Pierson were enlisted by Hungry Man to dream up freaky sexual fantasies for two hapless couples, who watch disaster strike in the form of damaged floors and carpets. In one :30, the amateur pornographers record themselves engaged in some kind of freaky Little Bo Peep scene, complete with sheep. But before they say baa, their sheep ruins the rug. In another, the couple is dressed as gladiators, until some pointy implement or other springs a leak in the waterbed, flooding the floor. Each is shot in abysmal amateur style with unbearably bad lighting and subtle "product shots" - scenes of the floor when the camera is dropped.

Client: Floor Superstore Agency: Hungry Man AD: Steve Pierson CW: Tom Miller Producers: Stephen Orent, Dan Duffy Director: Scott Vincent/Hungry Man Editor: Alex Kuciw/Hungry Man Sound Design: Miky Wolf, Jenn Chambers/Big Sky Editorial

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