Smart Phones

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Those new color screens on cell phones are good for something after all: W+K has come up with the fine idea of personifying Siemens phones with the talking heads of characters that address the camera while their owners are elsewhere, in spots that push designer-color faceplates and downloadable ring tones. A phone's owner is cavorting with a chick in a hot tub, while the phone is left sticking out of the back pocket of the guy's jeans. "Yeah," says the phone ruefully, "I stay with the pants." In another spot he says, "They're in the tub together, naked. Do the math." Elsewhere, phones lined up on a bar come on to each other just like their owners do, and a phone recharging on a car seat begs for help, complaining that its owner will use only the William Tell Overture for a ring tone.

Client: Siemens Agency: Wieden + Kennedy/Portland CD: Roger Camp, Rob Palmer CW: Mark Fitzloff AD: Matt Stein Agency Producer: Jeff Selis Director: Scott Vincent/Hungry Man Editor: Ben Longland/Rock Paper Scissors Effects: A52

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