Snail Darters

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Not your garden variety adidas spot: A pair of apparently unoccupied sneakers bounces along like something from a Sesame Street film segment, astonishing passers-by, when one shoe is accidentally swept into the gutter. The payoff: two giant slugs are out for a run. When they pause, they're panting and it's so cute! Will they get their own Disney film? Whatever, this is directed by Frank Budgen, so stand aside or you'll be hit by a flying trophy. He's already won big for Nike and Reebok; the man is threatening to become the Imelda Marcos of athletic shoe-commercial awards collectors.

Client: adidas Agencies: 180, TBWAChiatDayLos Angeles CDs: Chuck McBride, Todd Grant Agency Producer: Jennifer Golub Director: Frank Budgen/Gorgeous Enterprises, London Editor: Angus Wall/Rock Paper Scissors Effects: A52 Music: Ten Music

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