Sour Power

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In a strangely brilliant piece of cross-cultural comedy, an anglo dude comes to the richly appointed house of his prom partner, a latina whose entire large family greets him at the front door. He happens to pop a Starburst Sour into his mouth as his radiant date descends a regal staircase in her fabulous pink dress. The Starburst causes him to grimace so greatly his sour face nearly implodes. His date and her family take this as a sign of deep disapproval, and she runs upstairs and tears her dress off in a rage as he is unceremoniously thrown out of the house by the father. Says CD Rob Baiocco, "We tried to capture the diversity of the Starburst consumer, not in a superficial way but in a way that is integral to the spot and even increases the drama at the moment of truth." Mission accomplished. Closing titles: "Use responsibly."

Client: Sour Starburst Agency: Grey/N.Y. CD: Rob Baiocco ADs: Brian Lefkowitz, Anna Maguire CW: Sean Burns Agency Producer: Aaron Royer Director: Rocky Morton/ MJZ Editor: Gavin Cutler/Mackenzie Cutler Effects: Robin Shaw/Moving Picture Co., London Music: Jason Johnson/Stimmung

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