The Spec Deck: Lovable Auction Blockheads

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Chandler Kauffman, 27, is an NYU film school grad, a gaffer and a set lighting technician who's making a move on commercials directing via a pair of very polished mock doc-styled 35mm eBay spec :60s. And that polish is partly thanks to the "tremendous support and generosity this project has received from the New York production, postproduction and commercials communities," he says. "Without their help, these ambitious spots simply would not have been possible." One spot features a slightly deranged woman who collects lawn ornaments. The other introduces us to a slightly deranged family who collects Sean Connery memorabilia. When the nutty son suddenly launches into his Connery impression, things get laugh-out-loud funny. "Many thanks also to my amazing DP, Seamus Tierney, whose subtle, naturalistic lighting and precisely framed locked-off shots helped to emphasize the 'this could be your neighbor' weirdness of our characters' worlds," adds Kauffman.

Client: eBay Writer/Director: Chandler Kauffman ([email protected]) Producer: Hillary Cutter Editor: Rich Rosenbaum/Convergence Sound Design: Frank Verderosa/Planet V Inferno Artist: Fred Ruckel/Stitch Motion Graphics

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