The Spec Deck: Spanish Fly Guy

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Spanish filmmaker Gustavo Asensi, a former Ted Bates creative director in Madrid, now based in New York, is embarking on a commercials directing career via the newly formed Endorphin Media ( His success seems more than likely, based on a killer spec reel. Among the outstanding spots: Kirin beer introduces a new bigass bottle by juxtaposing the erotic dancing of a short man with that of a very tall woman, who only joins in the dance after scarfing Chinese takeout and sucking brewski with a reckless sexual abandon. Elsewhere, sullen models make kissy-poo with a bizarre rabbit doll, shot peepshow style, for Shiseido cosmetics; and a spot for designer jeans features a simultaneously ultrahip and trailer trashy couple engaged in steamy foreplay, while a peeping Tom of a rooster freaks out and a pan of fried eggs sizzles on a stovetop. Like, this is your brain on sex. "Gustavo wanted to be provocative and sexy with a bit of mischief, all at the same time," explains Endorphin founder/producer Pete Christy. "He's not afraid to be a little artsy or even surreal when it adds something." It adds something.

Director/Writer: Gustavo Asensi Producer: Pete Christy Editors: Nick Martin, Wes Waldron/Chinagraph Music: Paul Casanova

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