The Spec Deck: Wheels of Fortune

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Radium computer graphics supervisor Andrew Hardaway is making a transition to directing, and it's no surprise that he's whipping up impressive effects-driven spots in the process. His first was a car chase for Lexus, and now he's added a dazzler for Volkswagen. A guy leaves his yellow Bug to hop into a convenience store, and when he comes out a giant sphere with titanium tendrils seems to be attacking the wheels of his car. But it turns out to be a felicitous visitation. Super: "Custom alloy rims." Says Hard-away, "The effects were unique to the project, and I'm grateful for Radium having the energy to execute the digital effects at such a high level, without monetary reward. The artists there did it simply out of their love for their craft."

Client: Volkswagen Director/Writer: Andrew Hardaway Producer: Nadine Brown Editor: J.D. Smyth/Rock Paper Scissors Effects: Radium Music: Jeff Elmassian/Endless Noise

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