Stampede Symphony

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Music? Who needs stinkin' music? Nike Apparel can lasso a viewer's attention simply with a mix of shots of a pack of runners accompanied by thundering horse hooves. The sound design, compliments of Tomandandy, "is mostly horses with a hint of actual runner sounds," explains W+K writer Mike Byrne. "We simply wanted to portray runners as wild horses and we actually never even tried music. We watched a lot of wild-horse clips - the power and surge of energy you get just from the thundering earth was enough." Moreover, he notes, "wild horses have a certain untouchable quality. You can never get too close to them. They're very stoic. That's something we wanted to bring across visually." Hence the presence of Gerard de Thame, who demonstrates he can handle flesh just as well as he can handle sheet metal.

Client: Nike Apparel Agency: Wieden + Kennedy/Portland CD: Hal Curtis CW: Mike Byrne AD: Monica Taylor Agency Producers: Ben Grylewicz, Andrew Loevenguth Director: Gerard de Thame/HSI Editor: Rick Lawley/Whitehouse Effects: The Mill Sound Design: Tomandandy

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