Stock Hootage

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Stock car racing isn't ordinarily a matter of unbridled hilarity, but a new Nascar campaign, out of Y&R/Chicago, gets the checkered flag, even as it mines the same old sports fanaticism taken to extremes. Expanding on the tag, "How bad have you got it?" seven :30s explore the drastic measures fans will take to be part of the action. In one spot, a middle-aged jogger dashes in front of an oncoming car - just to smell the burned rubber left in its wake. In another, an average Joe in a hatchback tries to bribe a cop who has pulled him over for speeding (64 in a 55 zone). "Sure I wasn't going 190, officer?" he asks, waving a bill. Elsewhere, a man feigns a heart attack so that he and his wife can enjoy a high-speed ambulance ride. A second campaign introduces a serious Dan Rather-type who provides the VO on scenes of fans who "have it bad." "Do you use racing flags to warn others of dangerous situations?" the VO asks. Cut to a husband unfurling the yellow caution flag as he leaves the bathroom. "Do you strive to keep your car as hot as the interior of a racecar?" Cut to four sweltering businessmen in a four-door, as the driver refuses to open the windows or turn on the AC when it's 102 outside. "Do you take every opportunity to celebrate the name of your favorite racecar driver?" Cut to a man wearing a bib and spelling out "Jenkins" in alphabet soup.

Client: Nascar Agency: Y&R/Chicago CCO: Mark Figliulo CD/AD/CW: Jon Wyville, Dave Loew Agency Producer: Karim Bartoletti

Director: Mike Mills/Directors Bureau Editor: Rick Lawley, Stacy Levan/Whitehouse Editorial Music/Sound Design: Peligro Music

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