Strike a Poze

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Here's a cluttered, nutty, copy-free print campaign that might even offend a few people. Though the opposite is intended. Acme Advertising's Sakol Mongkolkasetarin explains: "Juxtapoz is an underground art magazine catering to extreme-art enthusiasts. To increase its subscriber base, we want to show that this type of subversive art is acceptable to the mainstream. This print campaign basically uses the 'juxtaposition' of everyday normal situations in people's lives with the lowbrow art strategically placed. And, like art, there's no need for a descriptive headline. The header in the magazine says it all - "Art left of normal.' "

Client: Juxtapoz Agency: Acme Advertising CD/AD: Sakol Mongkolkasetarin CW: Scott Wild Photographer: Peter Samuels Illustrators: Robert Williams, Mark Ryden

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