Table Manners

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B-to-b conference table humor is so popular it's becoming its own genre. In three new Pytka-directed spots, IBM continues the dialogue-driven, low-key comedy approach, this time for a "Get e-business on demand" concept that attempts to underscore the futility of fantasy solutions. One spot features a magic business lamp. The boss tells a lackey to rub it, then another lackey's cell rings; he answers and he passes the phone to the boss. "It's the genie." Another spot features a device called a universal business adapter, which looks like every plug and module ever made rolled into one big ball. "Does it work in Europe?" demands the very impressed boss. "You need an adapter," says the salesman.

Client: IBM Agency: O&M/N.Y. CDs: Chris Wall, Tom Bagot CWs: Maggie Powers, Lisa Topol ADs: Jeff Compton, Jeff Curry, John Lamacchia, Mitch Ratchik Agency Producer: Lee Weiss Director: Joe Pytka/Pytka Editors: Adam Liebowitz, Dave Bradley/Go Robot! Music: Brian Banks

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