Taking Liberties

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The ACLU has decided to get hip, via a new print campaign that features unusual American flag imagery. A flag contact lens and a flag-painted motorcycle gas tank are not that far out, but a flag-tattooed tongue? That could really flip out Oral Roberts. "It's all part of a larger effort to grab attention and brand the ACLU," says Andrew Janson, CD at N.Y./L.A. shop Benenson Janson. "This modern 'fashiony' style may be quite unique to advocacy, but it's in tune with how, for instance, Target or Coke is marketed." Sure is. But what's up with the Photoshop tongue job? "It plays to the old Rolling Stones logo a little, and it has a slight 'bad boy' smack to it, to be run in those appropriate pubs addressing a more alternative group," Janson explains. It may also be a collector's edition - this will probably be banned under Patriot Act 3, along with the ACLU itself.

Agency: Benenson Janson CD: Andrew Janson ADs: Andrew Janson, Elke Dobrowolski CWs: David Weinzimer, Andy Stern Designers: Maciek Pinno, Kathryn Earnshaw Photographer: Peter Gehrke

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