Tee for Poo

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A guy is about to tee off, while his buddies stand by. A VO announces: "The New Wilson Jack. You can really hit the crap out of it." As the ball is struck, we watch as one hapless guy gets a shirtload of shit. In stunned disbelief, he actually cranes his head down to smell it, while his friends snicker. Is that Jack short for Jackass? And there's going to be a follow-up. "The next spot won't be more gross, but it'll be just as juvenile,"boasts Tatham's Greg Wells. He also helpfully informs us that "the crap was made with powdered donuts, chocolate milk and 11 herbs and spices, and catapulted with a gun that [director] Brian Koons made." Welcome to the future of golf.

Client: Wilson Agency: EuroRSCG Tatham & Partners ECD: Jim Schmidt CD/AD: Greg Wells CD/CW: Scott Maney Agency Producer: Craig Wagner Director: Brian Koons/Hornet Editor: Angelo Valencia/Whitehouse, Chicago

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