Throw Bottles From the Truck

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Yeah, we've been here before, it's an ongoing campaign, but the Loose Moose-animated Brisk work, starring an even smaller-than-life Danny DeVito, is just too good to overlook. This time out Danny, James Brown and friends are hijacking a truckful of product, in revenge for their Brisk pink slips. They actually beat the shipment to death with baseball bats. We have to admire any advertiser that's willing to sacrifice its own product in the name of Pop art. Why don't they just make this into an HBO series already, and follow it up with a vicious, R-rated, Death to Smoochy-style feature film?

Client: Lipton Brisk Agency: JWT/N.Y. ECD: Mike Campbell CDs:Mickey Paxton, Jon Krevolin AD:Steve Krauss CW: Ari Halper Agency Producer: Gregg Singer Director: Baker Smith/Harvest Animation: Loose Moose, London Editor: Clayton Hemmert/Crew Cuts Music: Amber Music

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