Just the Ticket

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The Seattle International Film Festival's "No Deja Vu" promo is out of a cinematic The Twilight Zone - a girl walks into a vast empty blue space, finds a movie ticket lying on the floor and when she picks it up she's transported to a sci-fi phantasmagoria, driven in part by eerie, evocative music/sound from Downtown Composer Collective and Clatter & Din. "I tried to bring various signature sonic elements from dream states, as well as cinematic reference points, like orchestral passages from old 16mm audio stripes," says the DCC's Steve Fisk, who adds that the collaborative sound design includes modulated lion snarls for the ticket pickup and hyper-pitched choral yelps that weave in and out of the audioscape.

Client: Seattle Intl. Film Festival Agency: Sedgwick Rd. CD: Steve Johnston CW: Steve Payonzeck AD: Dave Sakamoto Agency Producers: Jenn Pennington, Matt Sweeney Director/Digital Designer: Stefan Smith/Miss Jones Editor: Erin Nordstrom/Miss Jones Music: Steve Fisk/Downtown Composer Collective Sound Design: Eric Johnson/Clatter & Din

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