Tokyo Whoas

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The Tokyo 7-7 Coffee Shop, in Culver City, Calif., we're told, is a delicious blend of traditional Japanese culture and Americana; "an American coffee shop staffed by Japanese chefs and waitresses, where you can order everything from hamburgers to yakisoba," says Justin Hooper, the art director on the restaurant's first advertising campaign. Hence a series of print ads that, cheekily inspired by such cultural mixing, is sure to offend everyone still fuming over the WWII internment of Japanese Americans. In one ad, a bonsai becomes an ashtray; in another, a coffee station features pots in Reg, Decaf and Green. In the third, donuts get the full sushi treatment.

Client: Tokyo 7-7 Coffee Shop Agency: Ogilvy & Mather/L.A. CDs: Joe McDonagh, Greg Harrison AD: Justin M. Hooper CW: Steve P. Williams Photographer: Craig Saruwatari

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