Tomcatting Around

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"Be good, Kitty," coos a woman as she leaves her house. Little does she know, her well-appointed home is about to become the site of a kitty orgy. Pairs of cats get it on in time to the beat of hip-hop, their animatronic bodies pulsing with disturbing realism. "Over 2.4 million unwanted kittens are born each year. Most will be put to death," reads the titles, and PETA urges cat owners to neuter their little darlings. Though this ad might not do much in the push to spay cats, it will go a long way in branding PETA as an organization with a sense of humor.

Client: PETA Agency: Saatchi & Saatchi, Vancouver CD: David Whitehouse CW: Nicholas Racz Director: Nicholas Racz Editorial: CycleMedia

Trompe L'oeil

With the trademark cheesy music tinkling in the background, the familiar rites of a lottery presentation commence, complete with a blond announcer wearing an evening gown on a Technicolor soundstage. Though the spot is in French, even non-Francophones become quickly aware that something is wrong. As the little numbered balls fall from the spinning orb, the figures she reports clearly do not match the digits we are seeing; there is no way to mistake "deux" for 16. "I hope these numbers bring you luck," she chirps cheerily, and the logo of Visual Opticiens appears.

Client: Visual Agency: Enjoy Scher Lafarge CD: Gilbert Scher AD: Christophe Caubel

Right Face

In this spot for the nutritional supplement Ginkoba, we see a moving ink drawing of a bridge and two bathers. A swan floats by, the water stirs gently; watching the screen is like yoga for the eyes. With this kind of focus-friendly environment, it shouldn't be too hard to follow the instructions of the voiceover: "Test your concentration." Nonetheless, not until the image rotates 90 degrees is the visual trick revealed: when the shot is shifted, the face of the Mona Lisa emerges clearly.

Client: Ginkoba Agency: Dentsu/Aoi CD: Kenji Yamashita CW: Masato Kawamura Production Company: Duck Soup Studios, Los Angeles Animation Director: Roger Chouinard Assistant Director: Kunimi Terada Animator: Hyunju Son/Peggy Yamamoto CG Animator: Chad Shattuck Editor: Melissa Timme, Duck Soup Postproduction: Digital Magic

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