Tongue Fu

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Altoids is out with another round of wild and crazy print on behalf of a new line of strips, sold via a new line of strips of the comics variety - including zinelike narratives, one with Snoop Dogg sizzle and another that parodies goth angst. Even more mouthslaughtering are a series of tongue torture illustrations (key details of several seen here) that clearly fall outside the realm of the Geneva Convention. "The tongue abuse ideas were a natural extension of the insidious little mnemonic trick of creating 'strips for strips,' " says writer G. Andrew Meyer. "When we looked at simplifying the idea for outdoor, we broke it down to good old-fashioned comic violence, in the tradition of Chuck Jones. Or at least Itchy & Scratchy. Besides, have you tried the Cinnamon? Truth in advertising, I say."

Client: Altoids Agency: LB Works ECDs: Steffan Postaer, Mark Faulkner CD/CW: G. Andrew Meyer CD/AD: Noel Haan Illustrator: Charles Burns

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