Toyota Story

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Saatchi & Saatchi/L.A.'s ambitious new nine-spot Toyota campaign, for the Corolla and the new Matrix, promotes the cars as "space age rockets" and its drivers as 23rd century James Bonds who battle robots and annoying dashboard directional systems. No regular Toyotas, these babies can swim, play ice hockey and do air donuts in some sort of anti-grav recreational chamber. Stylish effects, great music and humor carry the day, especially in the Matrix spots, where the hybrid SUV-like nature of the car befuddles a spy, who can only describe it, during a frantic chase scene, as "sort of silver." In summation: Oh, what a feeling!

Client: Toyota Agency: Saatchi & Saatchi/L.A. CDs: Miles Turpin, Steve Landrum, Juan Carlos Obando, Mario Granatur, Neal Foard, Doug Van Andel ADs: Dino Spadaveccia, Barney Goldberg CWs: Steve Austin, Michael Burdick Agency Producers: Richard Bendetti, Alicia Orozco, Derick Parrent, Damon Webster Directors: Gerard de Thame/HSI/The Hat Factory Max Malkin/HKM, The Brothers Strause/Carbo Films Doug Nichols/Partizan Editor: Igor Kovalik/Inside Out Editorial, Jeff Doe/Brass, Knuckles Rick Lawley/The White House Music: Soul Hooligans, Jaime Dunlap/Mad City, Human Special Effects: Pixel Envy, ILM, Imaginary Forces

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