Trading Places

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In this beautifully shot spot for NetStock Direct, the camera surveys a post-apocalyptic landscape in which normal daily life has been abandoned for day trading. A shot of a woman in labor in the back of an abandoned taxi is accompanied by the voiceover, "Maybe cab drivers should go back to driving their cabs." A man hops maniacally down a sidewalk while the VO intones, "Maybe doctors should return to their patients." A boy sits in an empty classroom with a stock market ticker running above the blackboard. The same ticker runs on a church wall while a woman kneels in prayer, and the VO suggests, "Maybe we don't all need to be day traders. Maybe we can invest online without trading in our lives." So that's why it's so hard to get a cab these days.

Client: NetStock Direct/ShareBuilder Agency: Cole & Weber/Seattle CD: Ron Klein AD: Steve Rudasics VW: Jim Elliot Agency Producer: Margaret Overly Director: Marcel Langenegger Cinematographer: Pierre Rouger Production Company: Propaganda Outside Producer: Sally Shrewsbury Editor: Adam Parker, Jigsaw Music: Norman Durkee, arranger

Spousal arousal

Once upon a time there was Old Milwaukee and the notorious Swedish Bikini Team. My, how times have changed. Now it's Milwaukee's Best and a wife who's so cool - from an average slob's perspective - she picks up a chainsaw, a drill and some sixpacks for hubby and his friends on her way home from the mall. "Honey, I went shopping today! I found the cutest things," exclaims the wife as she totters across the lawn in her high heels. On her way into the house, she solidifies her Woman of the Year nomination with these treasured words, "I'll warm up the bigscreen!" Tag: "Is this the best, or what?" Well, in the absence of the Thong Throng, it'll have to do.

Client: Milwaukee's Best Agency: Square One CD: Tim Murphy AD: Stephen Lohr CW: Brad Walk Director: Mike Bigelow Producer: Bill Reilly, Coppos Films Sound: Spank Editor: Jack Waldrip Agency Producer: Dan Calhoun

Yellow Pages, purple bruises

In a new Pacific Bell Yellow Pages spot from Goody Silverstein, four post-pubescent guys sit in a dark basement, action figures in hand, desultorily negotiating their Dungeons & Dragons strategies. One player's move is thwarted with the explanation, "You ate the poison mushroom in the crystal cave, remember?" Everyone is appropriately disgusted at his mistake, shaking their heads, when they are knocked from their chairs by a set of flying phone books. Cut to the fallen book, opened to the page for Dating Services. In other spots, a pain-in-the-ass adolescent is hit with a book that falls open to Military Schools, and the directory that knocks over a fast-food delivery boy in a chicken costume falls to the Career Counseling listings.

Client: Pacific Bell Yellow Pages Agency: Goodby, Silverstein & Partners AD: Peter Nicholson CW: Chris Ford CD: Greg Bell Executive CD: Jeff Goodby Production Company: Headquarters Director: Joe Public Producer: Craig Allen

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