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In keeping with the "True" tag, four wry new Bud spots explore the comedy of relationships, with the beer working as nothing more than an inspiring afterthought. In one spot, an aspiring playa and his girl are riding in a convertible with the top down, while she's blasting schmaltzy R&B. "What are you trying to do to me?" he asks. She ducks into the backseat for his CDs when a group of homeboys cruise by. He's mortified as they give him, and his music, the pitying once-over and speed off. In another, a guy brings his puppy to the park, figuring the cute pooch is a sure chick magnet. As soon as he scopes out a likely group of girls, a couple of gay guys bounce over to admire the dog. "You should put him in a little outfit," says one. "Like a cowboy suit!" the other agrees. The women take the hetero cruiser for gay and walk away. Another takes place at an art opening where two guys are standing before a sculpture, talking basketball. A woman walks up and, without missing a beat, the guys shift into artspeak. Once she walks away, one guy questions the other's vocab: "Dude, octopi?" Another spot features a nice, rather awkward guy at a party, talking to three hotties as he repeatedly stresses his extreme availability. It doesn't even register with them. Then his friend walks by. He tries to introduce the girls, the friend blows them off and walks away - and the women swoon over the mysterious stranger.

Client: Budweiser Agency: DDB/Chicago CCO: Bob Scarpelli GCD: John Immesoete CD/AD/CWs: Craig Feigen Kitty Schulz, Kevin Kearns, John Hayes, Patrick Knoll, Adam Glickman, Steve Bougdanos, Bob Winter, Chris Roe Agency Producers: Greg Popp, Garry Gassel Directors: Kuntz & Maguire/MJZ, Speck & Gordon/Omaha Pictures Editors: David Hicks/School, Sean Berringer, Michael Corrigan/Red Car Music: Scandal Music

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