Unhappy Hour

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For a Georgia Tech anti-booze abuse campaign called GT Smart, Atlanta's Sawyer Riley Compton has come up with some interesting all-copy print work, replete with blackout sections, that takes a graphically simple, sobering approach to the subject of super-sousing. Some sample ads: "I met this really cute guy. He was so sweet. We danced and he bought me drinks and . . . with my panties around my ankles." "It was ladies' night. Everybody was there. We left the bar about 3 in the morning . . . how I got this unicorn tattoo on my butt." "After some drinking games, we left the party to hit some bars, we started buying . . . in blood, screaming for my friend." The beer-capped tag is, "Don't drink like an idiot." We're not sure about the unicorn tattoo, though. In Jackass Nation, isn't waking up with a mysterious tattoo on your ass considered close to the pinnacle of dopeness?

Client: Georgia Tech Agency: Sawyer Riley Compton CD: Bart Cleveland AD: Rick Bryson CWs: Brett Compton, Jimbo Embry

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