Vergin' on Bedlam

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With the aid of Leagas Delaney/San Francisco and director Brian Beletic, Virgin Mobile is going after the 15-30 cell market. Which, we guess, explains why a pair of :60s look like they're outtakes from a Traktor-shot Diesel campaign from the '90s. In Russian with subtitles, one spot features a blonde who wants food. She enters a trailer where a cheese sandwich costs $20 and is coated in fur, but you must pay full price even when you spit it out in disgust. She enters the Virgin trailer, where pancakes are offered by the bite, to be eaten with chopsticks. This is by way of telling us with titles that Virgin is "pay as you go," with "no hidden charges." Whatever that may really mean, the "Live sexy" tag is nice. Another spot is set in an art class, where the assignment is to interpret how you feel about your cell phone. A woman who airbrushes a hunk riding a unicorn has her art come to life in a very tacky composite; she hops aboard the magic horsy and flies into space. The copy point here is "No contract to sign." "The campaign was created to drive a competitive wedge, while not shoving a message down the throats of the audience," explains CD Vince Engel. Whatever, it gets noticed.

Client: Virgin Mobile Agency: Leagas Delaney/S.F. CD: Vince Engel ACD/CW: Jae Goodman AD: Jesse Coulter CW: Andrew Ault Agency Producer: Robyn Wilkinson Director: Brian Beletic/Smuggler Editor: Jon & Katz/Cosmo Street Effects: The Mill Music: Asche & Spencer

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