Vin Diesel Fuel Only

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Mercedes ads seem to have as many moods as the brand has models. One day they're doing comedy, the next they're doing action adventure. In this "Chase" :60, a paranoid delusion worthy of Big John Ashcroft himself, after an attempted motorcycle assault, commandos emerge from a black chopper and attempt to infiltrate a speeding C230 sport sedan via the sunroof. But the driver manages to elude all his pursuers, the payoff being he can be caught only by a hot chick in an identical car. And none other than The Fast and the Furious and Triple X director Rob Cohen was hired for this gig. When presenting the original concept, the creative team of Abi Aron and Aaron Eiseman say they referenced the style and speed of both films on several occasions to the client, "but the idea that we would actually get to shoot this spot with Cohen didn't even seem like a possibility." Moreover, "after watching Rob's films, we just assumed that a lot of those stunts must have been digital effects. But in 'Chase,' those three helicopters really are flying that close to each other, the car and to the bridge we were shooting on." Great hardcorish music by Singing Serpent, which itself sounds like the name of a hardcore band but is, in fact, a San Diego music house.

Agency: Merkley Newman Harty ECDs: Andy Hirsch, Randy Saitta AD/CWs: Aaron Eiseman, Abi Aron Agency Producer: Chris Ott Director: Rob Cohen/Original Film Editor: Michael Saia/Jump Music: Singing Serpent Sound Design: Jump

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